Humble Services is a one man independent company owned & founded by Zeger "Ziggy" Verbeke in 2013.

It's based on the Do It Yourself ethic from within my roots, the local hardcorepunk scene. H8000 CREW in my case.

As part of the worldwide (underground) music community I have worked in lots of productions. I've learned a lot and keep on doing so. I share my knowhow and others share theirs with me.

I work from the heart with a focused resilient open-mind to get the job (beyond) done. I take pride in what I do. I live straight edge and on a plant based diet.

It's about more than music. Certainly do go ahead to discover what's out there: independent bands, record labels, distros, zines.

Look beyond: Get involved in human rights and animal liberation! Question authority. There is no planet B. 

I love animals, sports (I race IronMan triathlon & ride dirt bikes), music and the original TMNT comics. Woofabunga !